Building for the future

We decided in 2018 that we needed to upgrade our 18th Century Meeting House to be more sustainable going forward, for the community and for our testimony to equality. The main building wasn't able to provide an accessible toilet with enough space, and as a 2* Listed building it has taken a few years to get the plans passed. We didn't have enough kitchen space for catering either, so that will also be an improvement. These pictures show the stable which we emptied in order for the work to begin on August 22nd, 2022 then more planning had to happen to get the right materials for the floor to be protected. It has taken a year to go through planning stages again. The finishing touches are being made and we are officially opening the refurbished stable at our Pendle Hill Area Meeting on April 13th, 2024.

The path has been completed with better drainage and is now wheelchair friendly. Here are more pictures as the project recommenced in November 2023, after the new planning was accepted in August. The main problem had been that the materials for the flooring had to be changed to accommodate the dampness of the site. A test was done with the new material which worked well.